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Private chess tutor

Online chess lessons with a personal teacher via Skype

What will you learn at classes?

•Strategy - evaluation of position, weaknesses, open lines, game plan.

•Tactical techniques - double attack, pinning, open attack, double check, entrapment, distraction, destruction of defense, etc.

•Psychological preparation of a chess player for the tournament is a sporting component of chess.

•Time-management. Planning strategies for the game, going over the moves

•With me you receive all material absolutely FREE:

•Necessary chess programs for solving problems and games online.

•The best chess books and problem books.

•Individual selection of tournaments, where you can play in your region or anywhere in the world.

Bogdanov Nikolay

Head coach

Candidate for master of sports in chess, champion of the city of Yekaterinburg (2007),

champion of the Sverdlovsk region (2016), prize-winner of URFO championships.

Repeatedly competes abroad in international tournaments. Participates in Russian chess tournaments on a regular basis.

Trains children and adults of all level (beginners, intermediate and advance). Helps professionals to succeed in tournaments

One of the pupils is the champion of regional competitions, the prizewinner of the Ekaterinburg championship among girls

Higher technical education

Author of own teaching methods and training programs

The author of the workbook "Art of Chess"

Has prepared more than 150 chess players.

VISION: Chess are all for me. I have my own chess school. Every year we organize chess tournaments for 150 kids! We also have smaller tournaments throughout the year.

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What's with me?

I am...


Children and adults respond remarkably to me, and all classes take place in a positive game form with real stories from my practice.


I learned to play at 6 years old. Now I play in competitions and I act as a judge. This means that I know the secrets and tricks and I can give advice not only as a coach, but also as a judge and a player.


I like chess very much, I promote and popularize around the world, I read many books and I know many interesting facts about the game

First lesson

At the first interaction with chess it is very important to make it fun for the student and make the future champion fall in love with this great game.

Individual personality

Increase the level of skill. Identify weaknesses and work with them. Selection of the debut repertoire is strictly according to the chess player's style of play.

Professional approach

Preparation for a specific opponent. Identification of debut errors and inaccuracies. Correspondence analysis of games from tournaments and work on mistakes. Psychological helpful.

First move

The lesson goes through a FREE chess program, and communication on skype

Second move

After the session, the trainer sends you a personal homework.

Third move

You pay whith paypal


Three fact about me

chess school

Art of chess

In 2014 Nikolay opened his own chess school in Yekaterinburg Russia, where more than 500 students are taking chess lessons.

Chess workbook

Chess workbook

Nikolay is the author of a chess workbook, which is successfully selling around the world. You can buy it here!

chess tournament


Nikolay participated in more than 8 tournaments in urban chess. And still does it now!

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